Friday, May 1, 2009

John, Adam and Noah are ADORABLE!

I know I say it all the time, but it still never seems like it is enough. We are so blessed to have John, Adam and Noah. Never have we had so much happiness until these three wonderful little boys came into our lives. We are grateful to our Heavenly Father for entrusting these precious spirits into our care. John, Adam and Noah, we love you with all our hearts, we will always love you!

Two-time Honor Roll Recipient

John is doing so well in kindergarten. We are very proud of his progress. So far, he has made honor roll twice; fall and winter. I have no doubts that he will make honor roll in spring as well. It has been so much fun watching him learn! He is already reading so well. Fortunately, he takes after his daddy academically, particularly in mathematics. He picks everything up so fast! John's teacher adores him and he in turn, adores her. Ms. Sherman is an awesome teacher! John also developed his first crush! It'll be interesting to see what the future has in store for our little John!

Nice Big Brother

Adam is such a great big brother! He loves playing and entertaining Noah. On this particular day, Noah wanted to swing. Adam insisted on pushing him in the swing, it was the sweetest thing. I should mention, Adam is terrified of swinging. I think this way he felt like he was distracting me from the idea that he also get on a swing.

Noah's First Haircut

It took me a while to finally get Noah down for his first haircut. I was a little reluctant, because he had these cute little waves that I got flip into a baby faux hawk and flip out at the sides. He looked like a cute little cupie doll. The time did arrive, however that we had to cut some off. We took him to our family friend, Marisol. She always does a great job on the kids hair. It turned out to be less painful for me, since she gave him a faux hawk anyway.

John Plays Catcher

During the T-Ball season, the coaches move the kids around the field in order to give them the opportunity to try out different positions. John finally was able to be the catcher. John was not at all amused by this proposition. He did not want to put all that gear on. However, he was not given much choice--by his parents. All we could think about was how cute he would look. Poor kid. He could hardly walk! Worse, he couldn't see the ball. When the ball did come to him, he had to feel around the dirt until finally one of his coaches came to the rescue to hand him the ball. Nonetheless, he looked pretty darn cute.

Friday, March 13, 2009

John's First T-Ball Game!

March 7th was Opening Day for Orange Crest Little League. John is playing T-Ball this season. His first time actually. John played his first game in the afternoon, following Opening Ceremonies. He had a BLAST!!! I must also say, he looks ADORABLE in his uniform! He is his favorite number, 6.

We were laughing, however, because John's team is the Milwaukee Brewers. Totally hilarious because this is Little League--why do they have children representing beer!? What made it even funnier is that during Opening Ceremonies we noticed that St. Louis Cardinals, Atlanta Braves and Chicago Cubs (just to name a few) we NOT represented. How does that make any sense?!

Regardless, John is having a great time and has a wonderful coach. We are having a great time as a family watching him play and giving it his all.

Sunday, November 16, 2008


It took us long enough, but here are the Halloween pictures for this year. John dressed as Anakin Skywalker. Adam was Obi-Wan Kenobi. Noah was a turtle. I would have dressed Noah according to the Star Wars theme, but John originally wanted to be Speed Racer and Adam wanted to be Thomas the Tank Engine. At the last minute they changed their minds and by then I already had Noah's costume. Noah would have made a cute little Yoda though.